Les sciences politiques
An obsession
In academia.
The freelancer that explores the journalistic world
Published in academic journals in the US.
Once passive, I commented on blogs I frequented.
After the death of Minister Pierre Gemayel,
Such acts were no longer satisfying
So I set up
Streets of Beirut
To provide an on-the-ground analysis of what is going on
In Lebanon.
Every day, I wake up and look outside my window.
I see the Grand Serail
And I wonder,
When will I safely be able to call
The most beautiful city in the world
My home forever.
Words and virtuality
Is power.
Enjoy the streets of
My Beirut.

– Ana, December 2006

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34 responses to “Ana

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  23. ghassan

    lebanon will never change now and after 100year
    anytime we have a nassralla, joumblat,aoun geagea…….. this is lebanon .

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