Wishing you a happy 2009

By Ana

Once again, the fortune teller, Michel Hayek, speaks again. I was able to find an okay translation of his predictions on NaharNet, which I’ve pasted below for everyone’s convenience. I’m not at all a fan of this prophesizing, but he has everyone’s attention at every new year…

To add some sad humor to these predictions, a friend sms-ed me a joke: Given the predictions for Lebanon in 2007, I wish you a Happy 2009.

The predictions were divided into two parts. I’ve posted the two videos for each part. I’m working on a translation which should be up later on in the day so check back later if your Arabic isn’t too great.

Michel Hayek Predictions Part One

Michel Hayek Predictions Part Two

You can also check out the predictions of fortune teller Samir Zaayter here.


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4 responses to “Wishing you a happy 2009

  1. hs

    have you been able to translate the predictions yet or not? thanks.

  2. ana

    Yes, I’m so sorry, I got bogged down with work. By tomorrow I promise!!!

  3. Hussam

    Hi Ana,

    Happy New Year, how to access the videos for Michael prediction for 2009

  4. DO

    cant view the videos !
    plz advise.

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