Michel Hayek predictions (finally) translated

By Ana

I am so sorry this took so long. I got bogged down with work and had a friend translate it for me instead (thanks a bunch Rim Rim!) Again, thanks to all readers for being so patient!

This is what she has so far, apparently there is more to come:

The Palace of Justice will be shaken twice:
The first shaking will be due to a cheap attempt on the life of a justice maker
The second shaking will be due to a famous lawmaker being served (or being prosectuted?)

Obcenities and force between Lebanese officials to the point of fist-fighting. I see things flying around and the intervention of many members of society either to give support to these people or as mediators to break up the argument. This face will take place in an official location.

Two army officials will take part in somewhat of a precise operation. They will succeed in part of it, with one of them in danger. On the other hand, a third army official will fall in a separate operation.

Tony asks here: Is it like something of a coup?

Michel responds: This is the sign I got, this is all I’ll say.

The prosecution of an army figure involved in large and supspicious operations.

An army site in Lebanon will face gunned (or armed) assault.

I see the Minister Ahmad Fatfat looking different, I see a lot of noise surrounding his name in light of attempts at bargaining with the future of Lebanon.

In spite of the progress that FPM official Gebran Bassil attains, I see something of a vengeful attempt reaching him and people close to him, and the same will occur with March 14 MPs Mesbah el Ahdan and Wa’el Abou Faour.

A weird yet intentional fire will break out in an attempt to commit a crime.

Attack on two clergymen from different sects.

An artistical Winter canvas will be seen in Lebanon’s summer – we will witness fog, rainfall and unusual natural phenomenon

Bloodshed at a university in Lebanon.

Some criminals charged with attacking Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and his wife MP Strida Geagea and people close to them will be caught. What is interesting about them will be their distinctive facial features and accent.

I see a picture including Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Progressive Socialist Party leader Chouf MP Walid Jumblatt. No comment.

A painful letter will be written with the blood of a Lebanese Druze figure.

The agreement between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) will remain intact despite a conflict that will occur between them.

A radical change among FPM officials, especially the Reform and Change parliamentary bloc.

A Chouf MP will be in danger.

A Lebanese woman will occupy a high position, which will catch attention locally and internationally.

A series of light earthquakes will hit more than one Lebanese region.

Worrying signs seen towards the musical Al Rahbani family.

I see MP Elias Atallah in a critical situation.


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12 responses to “Michel Hayek predictions (finally) translated

  1. Constance

    Only That!!!!
    PIF PAF “Michel Hayek”
    El mouhemm enno hal bajam lli bel 7ekem yefhamo enno el 7ekem mouch la elon wa7don……… w yetfahamo 3ala enno lebnen ma bikoun ella bi woujoud kell atrafo……….
    7aji kell ma habb el hawa bighayyro mabede’ w bisiro bi7ebbo “lebnen”
    ma 7ada bi7ebb lebnen gher lli “dafa3 dammo la lebnen”
    mouch lli 3am bitejro

  2. Nano

    Well i can’t believe one of his predictions already happened.. which is the fight in one of the universities in Lebanon.. Is this a coincidence, or he really really predicts stuff??

  3. Dudu

    “a winter canvass will be seen in Lebaon’s summer”!! If you’re planning to travel to Lebanon in the summer, you might want to reconsider!

    Great, yet another reason to weaken Lebanon’s redundant tourism industry!

  4. mr

    who want lebanon stay in it, and who want syria or iran go and live in it, his countrys for lebanese and 4 who died and fight 4 it, not 4 who hold weapons against every one in the area, if u think u can win on israel go fight it from iran and syria ,ther is a lot of ppl who is ready for 4 this country not for other countrys, thx

  5. Haza Lebnan

    I wish from all lenanese persons to be more united , because what is hapening today is helping enemies to destroy more this country , so let us fight that by all our uniqness ……………HAZA WATAN AL OURABAH ……..

  6. Thank you very match and I Have listened to your 2007 Predictions and will continue to do so.

    I have also been Having Visions since 10 of 2004. The production in June of 2011.that Will start the New World union and this year of 2007 and other Vision and Prophecies.

    Check Out my Websites.


  7. ya chaaeb fi2o hayda lebnen ,lebnen el3ez ou lkarame , haje dabho be ba3etkon michen elsyese 3iche hayetkon elsyesyiin bidabhouna ou bychrabo keiss damna be parlement liban pour la vie liban fhamo ou nou3a kelna asma nmout kelna nehna abttal abttal be kell chi bass fi menon aa2lon zghirr bass bade oul ou3o la balatkon la mosta2balkon ou 3icho hayetkon ou daho pour liban
    merci liban

  8. I Just herd that Canads,United states and Mesico.
    Will join as one North american union.

    My pridictions are starting to come true.

    All so go to.
    You will find this webpage Very interesting.
    Prophecies. af endtimes you can allso
    DOWNLOAD MP3 and watch Videos. HANG ON?

  9. maria

    ahla chi liban lezem nentebhlo w li biheb lebnen anna bhebo
    kel el ness lezem iou2afo pour combattre les terroristes .
    w y a ness ma thejro dalkone bi baladkone le habib

  10. People who like iran are also Lebanese and have all the right to feel so. Why can’t the ones who like the west accept that? What has the west done for us except support israel oppress arabs. Actually iran is the only one of those countries to never harm lebanon in any way.

    I am christian and am Lebanese, and love my middle eastern culture. Puleez, stop westernizing. I am sick of it; it is coming out of my ears.

  11. Gio

    The series of light earthquakes hit Lebanon last week !

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