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Partially smart, partially orange

By Mezzo

I am confused. Actually, I am puzzled, and the more I think about it, I am impressed.

Impressed by how far a distinct group of politicians think that their partisans are … partially smart.

Omar Karami yesterday, Ibrahin Kanaan four days ago, and Nicolas (another FPM tenor) the day before Kanaan, are all wondering: how can all this be happening? And so they speak up loudly (read: think loudly): where is the state and where is the government, who is looking after our borders, we heard of Fatah al Islam in the news 9 months ago but did not take the 14th of February seriously. And then they would always conclude their statement on a very “ego” rewarding note: The unconstitutional Siniora failed to do what he should have clearly done.

Since the July 2006 war, we did not hear from this cohort a single statement, or condemnation, or mention, or astonishment, that our country, Lebanon, is being aggressed day in day out. They were focusing, day in day out, on Hariri, Siniora, and corruption with an implacable construction of their own world being unaware that the harsh reality is simply bigger and more complex than that they are yet to realize.

They missed the pitiful reality that their partisans are not even partially stupid.

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You just made the perfect mistake

By Mezzo

It is a perfect case study whereby what is said is not what is meant to be told. The urgency for taking any initiative has clouded the existing fundamental political equilibrium between the two coalitions of March 14 and March 8. Somehow, somebody, somewhere, lost his nerves and suggested that Lahoud propose a six-member government representing the country’s six main religions.

Until the day of your proposal, the March 8 coalition classified the government as unconstitutional on the basis that the Shi’a community resigned and is therefore no longer represented in the government. What about the other eleven communities you just proposed to leave behind? The problem with your innovative solution is that the Ta’ef Agreement does not allow you to compose a government excluding any community. However, the Ta’ef Agreement allows the resignation of up to one third of the ministers regardless of the community they belong to.

My question to the 8th of March followers: have you ever read the Ta’ef agreement or the Lebanese constitution? Your leaders assume that you have not and therefore assume they have the luxury to make you swallow any stupidity.

The 8th of March coalition has just shot down the main argument they stood behind when Nasrallah made the unilateral decision to make all Shi’a ministers resign. This coalition is yet to realize that this same bullet has shot Aoun down too.

You just made the perfect mistake.

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