Is the 8th of March manipulating photos?

By Ana

Below are four photos that are in distribution over email and Facebook that I thought would be interesting to display here. They are also on display in the Lebanese Forces Official Student Website. I’m not sure how credible they are but I do know, given that I enjoy messing around with Photoshop, among other programs, that there is so much you can do with digital retouching…

Image Hosting

On Manar TV, Aoun showed this photo as proof that the Lebanese Forces were still armed and were “Za3ran.” He also said that the Lebanese Forces member was pointing at the Lebanese Army.

Image Hosting

Here is a close up of the photo.

Now here is the problem:

It seems that the photo Aoun was showing above might actually have been manipulated.

Image Hosting

This photo was actually taken on Tuesday at Nahr El Kaleb.

Image Hosting

Here is the photo of the man seen in the original photo.

Note that this photo does not have the Lebanese Forces cross on the shirt of his sleeve, which means that the cross was drawn onto his sleeve by some computer software. Actually, it is completely out of proportion with the shirt’s sleeve. The alleged manipulated photo shows the cross that covers almost 70% of the sleeve. If you were to redraw the cross on the alleged original photo where the guy is bigger, the cross would be enormous. Also, remember that when Geagea was released from prison, the cross was removed as an official symbol of the Lebanese Forces and today only the cedar in the red circle is used. The fact that someone would actually wear such a shirt on Tuesday is also questionable given that most Lebanese Forces members would probably wear the cross around their necks if they would be wearing it at all.

The Lebanese Forces Official Student Website also remarks that it seems quite odd that the uninterested army men didn’t notice the presence of an erect gunman.


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