More on Hezbollah losses during July War

By Ana

“Losing Lebanon” by Tim McGirk in this week’s TIME, although filled with spectacularization phraseology, using words like “it’s never a good sign,” “mythical status,” “mini-Iraq,” and “brisk whirlwind by comparison,” the article makes a neat list of Hezbollah loses during the war, highly relevant to my previous post.

“Whatever the body count, Hizballah has lost assets. As part of a cease-fire agreement, 10,000 U.N. peacekeepers and 15,000 Lebanese troops moved into southern Lebanon, long an exclusive preserve of Hizballah. As a result, Nasrallah’s men lost possession of a number of strategic underground bunkers, complete with showers and dining halls, honeycombing the limestone hills for kilometers near the Israeli border. Many of its field commanders were killed in the fighting, and according to Lebanese and Israeli sources, Hizballah inquisitors are now weeding out and shooting suspected collaborators who helped the Israelis by pinpointing militia targets. And every Hizballah office in Beirut was sledge-hammered by Israeli warplanes.”

During and after the war, there were rumors that Hezbollah was cleansing traitors within their ranks who had collaborated or interacted with Israeli soldiers. These people were killed. However, I never read an article that mentioned this. All that I know is from common people rhetoric.


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