Byblos Bank ad makes a point

By Ana

Advertising companies in Lebanon are great at creating commercials with heated political undertones. Following the end of the war, a very controversial billboard for Johnny Walker’s Black Label featured a destroyed bridge with Johnnie Walker on the other side of it with the famous slogan “keep walking.” The ad received a full article in the English newspaper The Daily Star criticizing it for its inappropriateness.

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Other examples of political ads include Aizone’s “Vote Now” ad campaign that ran during the parliamentary elections in May 2005 and an ad campaign promoting diplomacy and the United Nations in September and October 2006.

Perhaps the most talked about ad in Lebanese households today is one aired in LBC about patriotism. The Byblos Bank ad poignantly remarks at the lack of patriotism among Lebanese citizens. It concludes that sectarian still prevails above the flag. The commercial ends with the daring question: “When will you become Lebanese?” Point well made.


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