Who has the true majority?

By Mezzo

Each camp did what it did and is now holding its stand based on the belief that it represents the true majority. Everybody agrees that the difference between a majority and a minority rests on few percentage points swinging one way or another. So instead of claiming who has the true majority, let us put the system in play and resolve the current crisis in the next 24 hours following the elections.

Indeed, as sad as it could be, we have a unique opportunity at hand with the partial Metn parliamentary election. What makes it particularly interesting is that the Metn is the main electoral stronghold of the FPM. In this case the election law of 2000 is as good as any law since it is meant to fill up only one seat. So why is the March 14 coalition so keen on carrying out this election while the 8th of March coalition is avoiding it?

One could argue that “avoiding” is not the appropriate qualification since it is on the basis of a non-existent government with a president that is not following through his responsibilities. So let us not argue this point and consider that the government has indeed retired. On that same basis we would all agree that the cabinet of today is merely an interim government dealing with day-to-day issues, and so evidently, President Lahoud could authorize the Metn partials… if the 8 March coalition wanted so.

Would the 8 March coalition continue its hold downtown if the FPM loses this election? Could the 14 March coalition say that Aoun lost considerable popularity if the FPM wins this election?

So cut it short ladies and gentlemen and run this election. You owe it to us…



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4 responses to “Who has the true majority?

  1. ana

    I think what is so bothersome about Aoun at the moment is that he acts as if he has the majority. No one respects the system in this country. Majorities everywhere have privileges that minorities obviously do not have– isn’t that the whole point of distinguishing between the two?

    When the Republicans won the majority in both the House and the Senate, the Democrats didn’t go around acting as if they still held the majority. They bowed their heads, humbled up a bit, and prepared for the next congressional elections. If Aoun thinks he is as popular as he claims to be, then why not quit the bickering, stop paralyzing parliamentary discussions, and prepare for the next elections from now?

  2. Michel Aoun’s buddy is the one blocking elections from happening.

    I’m not sure what I think about this. Part of me wants elections to happen now, but part of me thinks the country is way too tense right now to be politicized again. It almost feels like we need a Lebanese solution to the problem, ie choosing a compromise candidate that is pro-March 14, like Nassib Lahoud.

  3. ghassan

    I think you brought up an important issue. Why don’t the opposition allow the election in Metn when at the same time are requesting general election? It is obvious, because they are afraid of the results!

  4. bodhi

    i say go for it 🙂

    i dont think aoun is worried. i believe if fpm selects a competent candidate with a short term program to offer the metnis (preferrably a woman) they will win again hands down.

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